Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dark Star (1974)

Links: TVTropes, Wikipedia, IMDB (6.6).

I was deeply disappointed by this film by John Carpenter (The Thing) and Dan O'Bannon (original screenplay for Alien). Before seeing it I'd heard about "that John Carpenter movie with the solipsist talking bomb". Sounds like a great comedy à la Strangelove, right? But as it turns out, the scenes with the solipsist bomb are the only good ones in the movie AND both are found at the very end. In the meantime I was forced to put up with a slow, unfunny "comedy" about people being bored on a spaceship and chasing a beachball-playing-an-alien in what was very obviously a college student short film that had been padded in length to create a low-budget feature film. I've heard the padding-free director's cut is better, and I'm sure it is: it couldn't possibly be any worse. Save yourself and watch ANYTHING ELSE written or directed by these two. Score: 0 stars out of 4.

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