Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hackers (1995)

Links: TVTropes, Wikipedia, IMDB (5.9).

Let's get the obvious out of the way: this film is bad.  I think the film is trying to be a comedic thriller à la Sneakers, but can't be bothered to take itself seriously enough for the "thriller" part to work.  And the hacking is at best loosely based on things that were already obsolete in the 1980's, never mind by the time this film came out.  That said, the film's badness is an enjoyably campy love letter to the old BBS era of the 1980's.  If you went through a teenage phase where you thumbed through BBS text files like the Anarchist Cookbook, perused 2600 and Phrack, collected a virus zoo on floppy disks, or read the Hacker Manifesto and ever took it seriously... well, the 80s called and they want their acoustic-coupled modems back.  Score: 2 stars out of 4, plus one star if you have friends to help you mock the movie.

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