Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Net (1995)

Links: TVTropes, Wikipedia, IMDB (5.6).

I... I'm not sure what happened.  I used to kind of like this techno-thriller, or at least find it watchable.  When I was in college, my friends and I saw this back-to-back with Hackers and Sneakers, and we agreed then that, while Sneakers was vastly superior to the others, The Net beat out Hackers.  Since then, somehow Hackers has become more entertaining as it ages, while The Net has soured into a travesty of a film.  I think it's because The Net takes itself so seriously: the portrayal of technology in both films was wildly inaccurate, even at the time, but the seriousness means that The Net offends where Hackers entertains.  It also doesn't help that the techno-thriller aspects of The Net are themselves pretty mediocre.  At times, the writing becomes perceptibly formulaic, and it feels like the suffering of Sandra Bullock's character ratchets up when it does, as many times as it does, as implausibly as it does, only because the act structure demands it.  Score: 1 star out of 4.