Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Leonard Part 6 (1987)

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It's not the liquid that makes the magic... it's the molybdenum-chromium catalyst.
I could put Yoohoo in this thing and it would work.
— Medusa, Leonard Part 6

Leonard: If I stop Medusa and save the world... will you move back in with me?
Allison: If you stop Medusa and save the world, I'll think about it.
Leonard: All right! Let's go save the world!
— Leonard and Allison, Leonard Part 6

This spy comedy, winner of three Golden Raspberries and starring Bill Cosby as the titular Leonard, is reputed to be so bad that Cosby himself apologized on the talk show circuit and warned audiences not to see the finished film. It tanked HARD. Honestly, though... I liked it as a kid, and while I can see its flaws more clearly now, I still like it to this day. Be warned, however, that my fellow movie night companions were less impressed: only 2 of us in a group of 5 liked it, and I was one of the two. I'll grant that there are some pretty awkward jokes: the "Winston Churchill" and "That is a big door" scenes together add up to... 5 mg of comedy in a 10 lb bag. But Gloria Foster (later to become the Oracle in The Matrix, but here channeling Tina Turner's turn in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) is a hoot as the villain Medusa, and I still have fun watching the love/hate relationship Allison has with her husband Leonard. If you like whiplash-inducing absurd comedy, this may be up your alley. Score: 2 stars out of 4 (minus a penalty star if the comedy style doesn't appeal to you).

P.S.: I should note that this film is not actually a sequel to anything. Apparently this provokes a fair amount of confusion.